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FTP or SFTP access

We provide FTP access or more correctly, FTPS which is secure FTP or FTP over SSL, for all user accounts. 

NOTE: FTP & FTPS is different to SFTP, we do not support SFTP

Logons & Access Details

Servername or hostname: whatever server your site is on, if you log into the control panel this will be the address shown in the browser bar

FTP usernames and passwords are set and controlled in the hosting admin control panel.

Screenshots below with where the manage FTP user accounts.

If you’re looking for an FTP software tool we recommend the free open source tool, FileZilla which is available at https://filezilla-project.org/

Click FTP to manage FTP user accounts in your hosting admin panel
Add, remove and reset access details for FTP users in the FTP section in the control panel

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